Friday, November 7, 2008

The King's CUPbearers

Welcome to the blog of The King's CUPbearers ministry. This weekend marks the launch of our book, "Habitations of Cruelty," and the start of our CUPbearers outreach through the missions conference of Chapel on the Hill.

Grace Akallo, a rescued "Girl Soldier" from Uganda, will speak at our banquet this evening. Stephanie Freed, USA Director of Rapha House for girls rescued from the slave trade in Cambodia, will speak at our breakfast tomorrow morning, and on Sunday, we will hear a report from two of our members, Dan Baker and John Fabrazzo, concerning their recent visit to Centro Shama in Peru to learn of the plight of the street boys there.

We will blog it all - so come back here soon!

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JC said...

A good start to what I expect to be a great blog. You need to get the CUPbearers logo into the blog design, though.